• Drive In Pallet Racking

    Drive in pallet racking with low investment costs but more goods store. Facilitate the use of various types of forklifts. Store goods with high density. Easily upgrade extends the shelf.

    Drive in pallet racking system, lifo storage rack

    Drive in storage racking, make warehouse racking systems

    Drive in pallet racking system provides storage capacity maximum cargo space using minimum space. It is particularly suitable for storing large quantities of homogeneous products with high number of pallets per unit of storage. Provides high density storage palllet with low selection feature.
    Drive in pallet racking
    Drive in pallet racking
    Increase the amount of container inventory by 60 %, investment costs for each location Selective pallet racking as low as. The pallets are placed side by side along the depth of the shelf system with pallet support rail. Each such deep rail can be designed from 3 to 12 pallets or more, and the height of the racking system can be 3 to 8 storeys.
    Drive in pallet racking
    Drive in pallet racking
    Drive in pallet racking including consecutive series of shelves is not the way to use the space for movement between shelves, and operate according to the principle of pre- entered following (in order of pallets villa in one of the shelves). With this principle allows the transport of forklifts in racking systems can, in the nature of the safety rail and a shelf for sure.
    Drive in pallet racking
    Drive in pallet racking
    Suitable for warehouse for rent, large warehouse, warehouse for rent with floor slow rate of import goods. This shelf can take advantage of the foot roof racks for storage, wall storage, I completed the first inventory.
    Video Drive in pallet racking

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