• Cantilever Racking Powder Coating

    Cantilever racking powder coating height advantage, reducing the storage area, reducing investment costs with new plants, increase the storage volume, increase the time taken goods.

    Cantilever racking powder coating high quality

    Cantilever racking powder coating material used : Steel with Cantilever racking capacity per arm in per: 1000 per/ floor. Cantilever racking offers a simple cost-effective solution for the storage of bulky and long storage. This includes easily surveyed space saving storage, secure and speedy placement and location as well as high loading and flexible storage.


    Cantilever racking powder coating
    Cantilever racking powder coating 

    Cantilever racking powder coating has no front column to interfere with the placement or retrieval of loads, lowering handling time and costs. In addition to reduced handling times and increase space utilization, Cantilever becomes more economical as the load length increase.


    Cantilever racking powder coating
    Cantilever racking powder coating 

    Our cantilever racking systems are designed to suit your particular application product, achieving the maximum efficiency, economy of layout and peace of mind for a safer working environment.
    Video Cantilever racking powder coating 

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